Curb Appeal

starts with an updated front door

My new home is older and in need of serious updates. Almost all of my cash is in the equity of the house itself, so I need to look into affordable options. My current focus is on the first thing you notice if you are visiting - the door.

Curb appeal is influenced by an updated door, because after spending a lot of time in a million dollar city, I can tell you that real estate and home ownership is primarily emotional.

If you love your traditional home or even have a modern farmhouse, then you will be looking into entry way specifics that match your home's style. In my case, I am going to look into a modern entrance.

According to door manufacturers, there are five criteria to check off for the modern doorway: 

  • Bold and clean lines
  • Contemporary colors
  • Sleek hardware
  • Innovative track and hinge systems
  • High quality materials

Based on cost, I am going to ignore some of these elements. When it comes to modernism, though, we can't overlook the essential elements:

  • Stainless steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Paned glass

Even though modern doors have a focus on elements, I have primarily seen them with all kinds of wood paneling: 

So really, it is the combination of an earth element + wood that makes for the most attractive modern doors.

But with complexity, comes increased costs.

At the very base level, if you were to get just a steel doorway that has some glass, you could get it at Home Depot for less than $1,000 USD as of 2021: 

Realistically, to get different patterning and more versatile looks, you'd be spending around $1500-2000 USD.

For materials, by least expensive to most, we are looking at: 

  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Iron

This is in general, and if you add glass into the mix, it is more expense. This is looking at the direct cost of the material, but doesn't account for all the other hidden costs that occur depending on material durability and maintenance. According to one door manufacturer, this could include: 

Overall, the costs of replacing a front door, and especially to modern standards, is in the thousands of dollars, especially when you think about labor costs.

Based on the current selection of doors at major suppliers, the lack of a combined wood and earth element design, and overall costs, especially when you look into installation, it is worth looking in to another way.

My front doors are currently painted white (which matches the trim, which is the opposite of what I need). I was surprised to learn the doors are solid wood. Since the doors underneath the hideous paint are real wood, I am going to unearth the wood and come up with some metal hacks in order to get the door up to code. I'll be sharing over the new few months.

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