Financial freedom

Money and time are indistinguishable after a point

I was walking along Alki beach watching my daughter get close to a sea gull. I am per usual switching back and forth between being present and being lost in my thoughts. I watch my daughter laugh, and I think about purpose. Then trail to how you can't exclude money from any conversation related to meaning and purpose. It is tied into our relationship with work. Life questions and meaning are tied into our spending.

What is money?

That is insane. Money is literally minutes of your life. So a large price tag is a large amount of your time. What is more valuable than your time?

"Money is simply something we trade our life energy for".

We work for money. We work a lot. In the process we lose our life energy.

But wait. Isn't my job a source of fulfillment?

"Our fulfillment as human beings lies not in our jobs but in the whole picture of our lives."

What's the solution? 

"Whether you love or hate your paid employment, by separating work and wages you can see more clearly whether you are valuing - both on and off the job - the precious commodity called life energy."

We break the link, and you gain true value. You also are more spend-conscious.

"When we are whole we don't need to try to consume our way to happiness."

Because where is spending money going to take you? 

What is better than ultimate wealth or power? 

"Breaking the link between work and money in actual fact will exponentially expand the possibility of discovering your true work, or reintegrating the disparate pieces of your life, and of being truly whole. Nothing is trivial because you put your full attention on it, from meditating to folding laundry to making an important speech..."

I take a look at my watch and tell my daughter we have to go. She is having too much fun in the waves. Surely everything else can wait.


All of the quotes and calculations are from Vicki Robin's classic Your Money or Your Life.

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