Outdated Wet Bar

should be a coffee bar

I have no clue what utility a wet bar serves. Mixing drinks and drinking alcohol regularly is not my idea of healthy productivity.

Wet bars are prominent in older homes in the US, and are just plain outdated. I tried to do some digging on whether the return on investment is high, and I could not find any hard data. When it is combined with a basement remodel, the answer is probably. But I don't like basements and I am starting to dislike wet bars even more, so I am going to transform mine.

While the bar could be a bookshelf, desk space, arts and crafts space, or camouflaged with other aspects of the furniture, based on my own values and what would serve as decent return on investment, I'm going for a coffee bar.

Basics of a coffee bar

Per some light digging, the absolute consumable basics of a coffee bar that theoretically could be anywhere in the house are: 

  • Coffee maker or espresso machine
  • Coffee beans, grinds, or instant packets
  • Coffee grinder maybe
  • About 6-8 coffee cups seems standard
  • Ingredients like sugar, cinnamon, creamer, biscotti.
  • Supports like spoons, napkins, bowls.

Bones of a coffee bar

I wanted to know if there are standards and aesthetics to a formal coffee bar. At least in the internet DIY world, the answer is not really. Coffee lovers make all kinds of setups work, from using a portion of the kitchen, a standard table, a part of the wall, or a cabinet/drawer set to work with.

Because I will utilizing an outdate wet bar and because I love modern design (which in my world is usually a combination of elements including wood, metal, stone, concrete, glass, and more angular lines like in doors), I will be trying to aim for a modern and minimalist look within the bones of the wet bar.

Signage with a coffee bar

Almost all coffee bar variations have some kind of chic sign or cute saying. Some give definitions and descriptions. So far I've seen a glass encased frame with coffee beans with 'in case of emergency, break glass" as well as: 

  • But first, coffee...
  • This house runs on coffee
  • Flat out!
  • Life happens. Coffee helps.
  • Coffee. Because adulting is hard.
  • Coffee before Talkie
  • I don't need an inspirational quote. I need coffee.
  • How you brewin?
  • Life begins after coffee
  • Enjoy the daily grind.
  • Live. Love. Coffee.

After examining what I can work with so I can keep costs down, I am going to do a combo of a bookshelf and a coffee bar. Stay tuned.

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