The desire to evolve is a natural human right

Why can't I just accept myself the way I am? You can. But you also have the right to evolve.

If you are enough and you reject fantasy thinking, then what's the point of goals?

While it is so ultimately freeing to be in love with the present and to accept yourself wholly as you are, it is also very exciting to think about change.

I have found that while goal setting is not something intuitive to me, it is also necessary in order to push who you are today into a more evolved state some tomorrows later.

It is precisely the friction of who we are today versus who we may become (as well as the associated impact to the people around us) that makes life interesting.

Ironically, it's the friction which gives you movement. You need movement in order to gain momentum. You need momentum in order to make a change. You often need a change in order to live to your highest potential and fulfillment.

We have discussed this tension and friction in the conundrum of productivity itself. Like a lot of things in life, it's precisely this duality that is necessary in order to grow.

And it's not the change of things that's interesting - it's the change of you.

I have had to convince myself that goal setting is not a waste of time, because evolving is a natural human right.

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